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2kg Pick & Mix


  • Wine gums (100g)

  • Twin Cherries (100g)

  • Fruity frogs (100g)

  • Fizzy Damel Liquorice Bricks (100g)

    Availibility: In stock

  • Damel Liquorice Bricks (100g)

  • Rainbow Bites (100g)

    Availibility: In stock

  • Dolphines (100g)

  • Strawberry Twist Kisses (100g)

  • Gaint Cola Bottles (100g)

  • Chocolate Jazzies (100g)

  • M&M’s (100g)

  • Giant Strawberry Cables (100g)

  • Fizzy Dummies (100g)

  • Fizzy Blue Raspberry Bits (100g)

  • Dracula Teeth (100g)

  • Jelly Beans (100g)

  • Fizzy Bubblegum Bottles (100g)

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