Takis Take London By Storm!

Introducing Kingdom of Sweets hottest new addition!

Takis have officially landed in London in all of our stores and online!

Have you ever dreamed of visiting Mexico? Relaxing on the sunny beaches, exploring historic landmarks, checking out the wildlife and enjoying a cocktaktail or two with a taco or burrito? You’re not the only one! While we might not be able to fly you to Mexico, we can fly a bit of Mexico to you!

Takis chips, are the newest member of the Kingdom. Takis, are one of Mexico’s favourite snacks and we’re sure it will be one of yours too!

Haven’t heard of Takis before? That’s all right, let us tell you all about them.

Takis are perfectly rolled miniature corn tortilla chips, that pack a punch! Just like tomatoes, Takis originated in Mexico, but have found their way to us, and it’s safe to say we’re very excited. Love spicy food? Then you’ll love our range of Takis chips and their fiery flavours.

Takis Fuego

Introducing Takis Fuego, the spicy new snack you definitely need! Whether you are going to share them in the office, or simply enjoy them all to yourself these aren’t to be missed. Takis Fuego are spicy chilli flavoured snacks with hints of lime.

Takis Salsa Brava

Can’t handle the heat? Takis Salsa Brava are a milder mix of salsa, tomato and sweet lime.  Takis Salsa Brava might be milder, but still, be prepared for the Mexican heat!

Takis Cobra

Takis Cobra are a fiery flavour of Takis sure to have you reaching for a glass of milk. If you dare to take on the challenge, or just love spicy snacks then this is the one for you. Takis Cobra chips are covered in chile extract to add that extra kick you didn’t know you needed!

How can you get your hands on a packet… or 3?

Want to try all 3 flavoursome packets of Takis? The Takis range is available to purchase directly from the Kingdom of Sweets online shop here!

If you’re in need of an extra fiery hit, don’t forget we’re offering FREE SHIPPING on orders over £19!

Alternatively, you can pop into any of our stores and pick up a bag on the go. Kingdom of Sweets stores are located in…