Join Millions of Pocky Fans Across the World

We’re so excited to launch two new brands at Kingdom of Sweets. Both are Number 1’s and have millions of followers – they even have their own national day!

Introducing the iconic Pocky and Popero brands drum roll, please.

Pocky have been Japan’s favourite sweet since they were launched in 1966 and we now stock an amazing range of flavours for you to try. Everyone in Japan is obsessed with these tasty biscuits dipped in chocolate. They are perfect to share with friends, although you’ll find that once you open a pack you’ll want them all to yourself. They are so famous that Pocky holds the World Record on Twitter for the most-tweeted brand name in a 24 hour period with 3,710,044 tweets!

Along with Pocky, we are also launching Pepero! Who? Just the No. 1 confectionery brand in Korea! The Lotte Pepero is another little crunchy biscuit in a rainbow of flavours that we know you’ll love.

These are some of the most popular sweets across the world and the moment you taste them you’ll want to try all the flavours – no problem as you can order 24/7 through our website.


The original and some would argue the best! Smooth chocolate dipped in a crunchy biscuit. The Lotte Pepero Almond Sticks make a perfect office snack and goes well with a hot cup of Coffee! If you want to impress the guys and girls at work why not grab a pack today?


The sophistication of white chocolate in a delicious snack. A sweet treat at any time, covered in thick chocolate with chunks of cookies – grab some now. Perfect for parties and sharing with friends and smart enough to give as a gift.


The Pocky that all others are measured by. The delicious chocolate flavour that’s great for sharing. Try these and see why the world is crazy for the world of Pocky – this is the original legend and millions of people can’t be wrong.


Wow! Satisfy two cravings at the same time with the sweet flavour of chocolate together with the refreshing flavour of green tea. A Japanese sensation that is sure to satisfy the most sophisticated of tastebuds.


This will certainly meet the needs of those with a sweet tooth. Smooth strawberry flavoured chocolate covering a crunchy biscuit. Everyone loves these – kids and adults too. Give them as a treat or just indulge yourself, one of the most popular flavours with good reason!